A giant maple industry goes to Quebec hands

“Needless to say, we’re excited, we’re happy to be here in Granby and especially love this industry,” said the new president and CEO, Daniel Cousineau.

It bought the company with financial partners, the Champlain Financial Corporation, Fondaction and HDC inc., After six months of negotiations. The amount of the transaction, finalized this week, remains secret since the company is not listed on the stock exchange. In addition to the plant in Granby, the company has a distribution center in British Columbia.

Seeking with the group to invest in agribusiness, Daniel Cousineau has set his sights on the maple transformation. The former president of the St-Hubert was charmed by the maple activity and dynamism in Quebec, but also the nutritional properties of natural stable syrup.

“Maple syrup is part of our morals. Quebec represents 80% of the world production of maple syrup. He is the producer and the largest exporter. This is our natural resource, “noted Mr. Cousineau.

Develop and innovate

The new owners of LB Maple Treat, founded in 1975 by Luc Bergeron, seek an expansion and development of the transformer. The Granby plant, which employs a hundred people, will of course continue to make maple syrup 100% pure.

“It does not change anything from that side, assureM. Cousineau. On the contrary, we will continue to work with the 600 Quebec producers who are completely committed to their sugar bush and provide us a product of very, very high quality. ”

He saw the opportunity to develop the market by buying the syrup from maple even more and export internationally. He also wants the Federation of Maple Syrup Producers increase the quotas to enable this growth.

According to him, there are 7,000 maple syrup producers in Quebec. LB Maple Treat has agreements with about 600 of them to market the sweet syrup and its derivatives.

Create new culinary trends

Maple syrup is an interesting substitute to replace white sugar in recipes of all kinds, he believes. The group wants to leverage the properties of maple syrup to conquer the world, said Scott Jackson, Champlain Financial Corporation, in a statement.

“There are already a lot of derivatives, notes Mr. Cousineau. We will continue to make these products and we will identify, with scholars and people who establish large food trends, such as chefs, porters and niches that would try to adapt that product to international cultures. There are food trends that are different from what is done in Quebec. ”

He emphasizes that there is huge potential for the company since Quebecers consume an average of 600 ml of syrup per year, compared to only 20 to 60 ml per year around the world.

“This is good news for everyone and for Granby, concludes Daniel Cousineau. It is believed that the coming years will require an increase in labor because production will necessarily increase. While Rona left, we brought back [a company between Québec hands]. “

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