From the OMSPA President

raySpring is around the corner…really. It has been an old fashioned winter with plenty of snow and cold temperatures to tell the maple trees that it is indeed winter.

What will the season be like? We know that if the ground, where the tree roots are, is well frozen…the sap will be sweeter. And, while the snow creates challenges in working in the maple bush ( snowshoes help) while drilling the tap holes and tapping, the melting snow does supply water to the tree for continued running. We don’t know what the season will bring. However, we do need consistently warm days and cold nights for the sap to “run”.

Sugar makers are proud of their heritage. Again, in 2013, we celebrated OMSPA members David & Paul Chant family’s 150 years of maple production on the same farm. Incredibly, this operation has 4800 taps still on buckets which are gathered by 3 teams of horses!

Over 90% of our producers use modern pipeline systems and state of the art food grade equipment to make the maple syrup consumers enjoy so much…don’t worry, it is still pure and natural. A recent economic analysis of the maple industry in Ontario shows that we are worth over $53 million to the economy and have potential to grow. So, our industry is not only traditional and sweet, but a valuable neighbor, friend and business in rural Ontario.

We invite you to connect with your favourite sugar maker, and if you don’t have one check this site for our members who are willing to connect with you.

May the sap run sweet….

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