About Us


Recent economic analysis of the value of the maple industry in Ontario shows that producers make over 4 million liters annually with an overall economic benefit of $53 million. Through taxes, purchase of goods and services and employment, the maple industry is an important contributor to the rural and provincial economy. Over the past 100 years, the maple industry has shifted from a source of natural sugar and cash for small self sufficient farms – to a market of maple syrup as a natural sweetener and the use of specialty maple products such as maple sugar, maple butter and maple vinegar in culinary activities. Today, the industry is involved in marketing a natural nutritional product for culinary pursuits, culinary tourism and the pursuit of utilizing maple in commercial restaurants and as a food ingredient in the production of non typical foods.


The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMSPA) is a producer based organization formed in 1966 to represent maple syrup producers across the province. As a producer organization we are committed to promoting the production of high quality maple products using the best available management practices. We represent a long history of sugar making in the province and are proud to carry on with the traditions associated with one of nature’s greatest natural sweeteners – the making of maple syrup when the sap begins to flow.

OMSPA is the official voice of sugar makers in the province. We currently represent over 600 “sugar makers” from all across the province, who are committed to producing a high quality product for consumers to enjoy. Our members are involved with a wide range of activities organized at the provincial level or through one of our 11 local chapters located across the maple producing areas of the province. We also work closely with other organizations and levels of government to promote and protect the maple industry in Ontario. OMSPA is an active member of the International Maple Syrup Institute. We have an active Board of Directors and 6 program committees:

  • Finance
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Membership
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communications
  • Research and Tech Transfer

What we do…

OMSPA is committed to providing both our members and consumers with a forum for all things related to maple. As producers, we provide consumers with information on the benefits of using maple products and where to obtain locally produced maple syrup. We also are committed to providing producers with a forum for networking, learning, and contributing to the improvement of the maple syrup industry in Ontario. And we provide producers a source for the latest news, developments, and information on the industry. OMSPA is visible at numerous local and regional events across the province to promote maple products and to showcase our craft.

We Promote…

  • The application of the highest standards for the production of pure maple products,
  • The development and distribution of information materials to help consumers make better informed choices on the purchase and use of maple products,
  • A prosperous and viable maple products industry,
  • The application of new and more effective ways to produce quality maple syrup, and
  • Maintenance of a sustainable and healthy maple forest resource base.

Our Locals…



1) Southwestern Ontario  5) Algoma & District  9) Quinte & District
2) Grey-Bruce & District 6) Algonquin District  10) Lanark & District
3) Waterloo-Wellington  7) Haliburton-Kawartha  11) Eastern
 4) Simcoe & District  8) Ottawa Valley District  


In summary OMSPA is all about promoting and encouraging the wise use and development of the maple syrup industry in Ontario – and ensuring that the unique traditions associated with this craft continue for many centuries to come.