President’s Message

Terry_Hoover2Welcome to our maple producer’s website. Whether you are a long term member or a brand new producer, we hope this site gives you an understanding of what is going on in the maple industry in Ontario. We also encourage you to link to the many maple equipment suppliers that are out there who support the industry and our maple association.

We welcome all producers large and small. Many new producers or smaller ones tell us that OMSPA is for large producers only..which it is not. We are here for all maple producers and supporters. We have a member with 60,000 taps and we have one who has 3. Yes, 3 taps!

Check our membership fee section and you will see that we have a range of membership options that caters to all levels. Our membership section also talks about the many benefits of being a member from information transfer, to having a body speak for the industry to government and other agencies.

Ontario has just released a revised maple regulation, Regulation 119/11 which has modernized aspects of the industry. We now have a universal maple syrup grading system that matches that of mostly all other jurisdictions in the US and Canada. And, measures to enhance food quality is also included with the adoption of an all food grade equipment requirement. See our regulation section for details. OMSPA supports the proper production of maple syrup and maple products and welcome measures to insure our maple syrup is the best.

Join us at any of the 11 Information days held annually and at our annual Summer Tour and AGM held each July. You will not be disappointed!


Terry Hoover