Eastern takes new OMSPA tent for a test drive

WoodFair1Eastern Local once again attended the Glengarry Wood Fair held each year in Dunvegan, Ontario. This annual event is targeted at woodworkers and woodlot owners and typically has about 1000 visitors during the one day event. Eastern local borrowed the brand new OMSPA tent to try out at this event along with our own matching table cloths to see how the added marketing efforts may play out. We were the only exhibitor with a printed canopy which certainly made us stand out but unfortunately our placement on the grounds was very poor which made it difficult to determine the “draw factor” of the printed tent. We suspect that at major events with good sight lines that the new tent available to any local to borrow will be well received and take us up a step in professional presentation.

Woodfair2As always our sampling of granulated maple sugar was well received in an effort to promote local producers to consumers and many interested new producers picked up flyers for our beginners course in September. While this annual event is not large in scale it always seems to help promote local sales and new members for our organization and is one of the several events we participate in each year. This is one of several events that Eastern is out flying the OMSPA flag at to not only promote Ontario maple sales but membership within our association. For any local trying their hand at an info booth I will say the following items get the most interest;

Samples of granulated maple sugar
Sample of Asian Long-horn Beatle
Foodland recipe cards (old or new)
Flyers for any local workshops (Info Day)
New grading card info

Anything else you add to your display is extra info but these ones noted above are the ones we find are the main draws of interest.

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