President’s Message

We encourage you to join us in exploring the many uses of maple syrup in your everyday cooking and baking. Pure maple syrup is a 100% natural and nutritious sweetener, a smart choice in pursuing out of this world culinary masterpieces! Our Ontario producers work hard to bring the very finest pure maple syrup to you. Look for our newly revised maple recipe book available from our promotion store and the SWEET ONTARIO brand of maple syrup in stores, markets and in specialty shops.
We also encourage you to develop a relationship with a local producer near you so you can get and enjoy the exact flavour and product that suits your palate the best. Maple syrup is unrefined and retains the inherent nutritional value of the sap obtained from the maple tree. Maple syrup is also a very good source of mineral nutrients and vitamins.
Look for maple events & festivals in the spring and join us in an ever expanding event throughout the province ; Maple Weekend where producers open their doors to everyone to see how the product is made and share samples of the precious, unique liquid gold made fresh off the evaporator. Check out  for details of participating producers near you.
Native North Americans were the first to recognize pure maple syrup as a source of nutrition and energy…..join the tradition!
Brian Bainborough, President