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UVM Maple Producer Resources

University of Vermont Resources for Maple Producers

Although the 2020 maple season is over, learning how to improve the yield from your woods, maintaining the sustainability of your operation, increasing the profitability of your business, and broadening your knowledge on a wide variety of other maple topics needn’t stop.  To assist you with that, the UVM Proctor Maple Research Center and UVM Extension Maple offer several resources to maple producers. 

UVM PMRC homepage Brief description of PMRC facilities and research

UVM Extension Maple homepage Maple Extension resources

UVM PMRC Educational Videos  A series of research and educational videos focusing on high yield production

Maple Research NAMSC searchable database of recent (20+ yrs) maple research and information

Vermont Maple Minute  Brief podcasts of topics relating to m

aple trees and maple syrup production

Vermont Maple Bulletin Continuous update of the Vermont maple season

Maple Business at UVM Extension Ag Business Programs with access to reports, outreach publications, recent presentations and maple benchmarking enrollment information

Maple Manager a growing body of business planning tools, financial calculators, legal templates and forestry resources

UVM Extension Maple Development   Online seminars starting in August 2020. Go to the website to see the calendar and register

We welcome your comments on what you find useful, what further information you’d like to see offered, and how we can improve the transfer of information to you.

T. Perkins, A. van den Berg, UVM Proctor Maple Res Ctr

M. Isselhardt, and M. Cannella, UVM Extension Maple

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