Write-up for the W/W info day

i-phone  jan  11-2015 182It was a cold and blustery day ! Still lots of highways closed in Grey/Bruce. Never-the-less we had a crowd of 150 out to our Info day in St.Jacobs.!
Registration opened at 9am and The day started at 10:00 sharp with our Presidents Opening Remarks. Fred shared his years of wisdom and an overview of 2014 ! A big ‘hit’ every year !
Next up was Lorne Brubacher and our Annual Meeting.
Why does the room go ‘Deathly” Quiet when they ask for nominations from the floor??!
Our New Executives are listed at the bottom! Congrats to everyone !
Dr Curtis Russell
Gave us a very informative talk on Tics and Lyme Disease
Terry Hoover  1st Vice of OMSPA
Covered the WOWE day held in Nov 2014…touched on the Focus Groups held by Foodland Ont
AND gave a quick presentation on what it’s like to be on a Summer Tour  which is hosted by ‘US’ on July 9-11 2015
Ray Bonenberg
Covered OMSPA activities. All the things we have done in 2014 AND what we are planning on in the near future.
Hot Lunch enjoyed by all
Ham and Scalloped Potatoes followed by your choice of  10 different pies !!
After lunch a Producer Panel  covered questions from the audience
everything from sustainable tapping to Preventing Mold during packaging.
Dr Brenda Murphy gave an excellent speech that covered Maple production from the 1600’s to now.
Todd Leuty
covered ‘available water’ and the latest developments from IMSI
Paul Bailey
covered the new CFI regs and Dr Miller’s mold study
Steve Bedard from Lappierre
Gave a very informative talk on Tubing Installation Techniques.
We had an update on the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival
Last and certainly the best presentation(I thought so)
Was from the ‘New’ President Terry Hoover
on the Vermont Maple Weekend and all the open houses from the 4 main dealer’s all within a 10 minute drive of St. Albans Vt.
and a quick look at JR Sloan’s maple operation(Largest in Vermont)
Only 130,000 taps ! 
President            Terry Hoover
Past President    Fred Martin
Sec/Tres.            Al Murray
Directors          Dan Goetz
                         Dale Martin
                         Kevin Snyder
                         Edgar Gingrich
                         Albert Martin
Provincial Directors   Terry Hoover
                                   Dan Goetz

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