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Labeling your Maple Products in Ontario

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

View the recording of our webinar in June 2021. Get tips on the latest changes to maple labeling in Ontario and Canada including Nutrition Facts Tables and Bar Codes.

Below are files to assist with building your own labels. You may use the maple syrup nutrition facts table (NFT) below. It is in the new format, for 2022 and beyond, and has been vetted by several experienced producers, but use at your own risk. You must make sure it is sized properly for your label/bottle combination.

Download PDF • 735KB

If you need nutritional analysis data for building your own NFT, the analysis below were done by OMSPA a number of years ago and still hold true. These are available for OMSPA members to use. A granulated maple sugar analysis was not done at that time.

maple syrup analysis
Download PDF • 47KB

maple soft sugar analysis
Download PDF • 77KB

maple butter analysis
Download PDF • 130KB

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John that was a great presentation. I am going to watch it again! Lori

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