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Bulk Buyers
Bulk Buyers

Black Bird Management


Black Bird Management Maple Products is located within the beautiful Harmony River valley, twenty minutes North of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We are one of the largest single source, single forest producers in the world with over 126,000 taps installed to date. We offer a variety of maple products and ship world wide. We are open all year and are available for facility tours.

Clyde Bridge

(705) 971-1909

6062 Hwy 17 North

Goulais River, Ontario, P0S 1E0

Francois Brunet


Representing: L.S. Bilodeau

22400 County Rd 10

Glen Robertson, ON

K0B 1H0


Jakeman’s Maple Products

Jakeman’s Maple Products are in need of large amounts of bulk maple syrup for our ever growing markets, by the drum all grades accepted.



Phone: 1-800-382-9795

Fax: 519-421-2469

Contact Person: Robert Jakeman

Address: 454414 Trillium Line, RR 1

City: Beachville

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: N0J 1A0

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 9.20.45 AM.png

Robinson's Maple Products


Phone: 519-524-3190

Contact Person: Kevin & Catherine Snieder

Address: 284 Dawnrose Dr.

City: Goderich

Province: ON

Postal Code: N7A 4B1

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 9.10.14 AM.png

Voisin’s Maple Products

We are a bulk buyer of all grades of maple syrup looking for long term partnerships please contact for more information.

We specialize in wholesaling our products to customers of all sizes offering great pricing, service and quality.

Ask us about co-packing maple syrup for you with a customer label.



Phone: 519-392-8126

Contact Person: David & LeaAnne Voisin

Address: 706 Concession Rd 10, RR 1

City: Formosa

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: N0H 1W0

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 9.24.05 AM.png

White Meadows Farms


Phone: 905-682-0642

Fax: 905-688-8259

Contact Person: Murray & Ann Bering

Address: 2519 Effingham St.

City: St. Catharines

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: L2R 6P7

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 9.24.57 AM.png
Bulk Sellers
Bulk Sellers

Black Bird Management


Black Bird Management Maple Products is located within the beautiful Harmony River valley, twenty minutes North of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We are one of the largest single source, single forest producers in the world with over 126,000 taps installed to date. We offer a variety of maple products and ship world wide. We are open all year and are available for facility tours.

Clyde Bridge

(705) 971-1909

6062 Hwy 17 North

Goulais River, Ontario, P0S 1E0

Maple Ridge Farm (Laxton)

Stainless Steel Barrels of syrup available.

Phone: 705-454-8950

Contact Person: Brian Bartley

Address: 260 Sugar Bush Rd

City: Norland

Province: ON

Postal Code: K0M 2L0

Golden Treasure Maple Products

Golden Treasure Maple Syrup Products is a 20,000 tap maple syrup operation with locations in l”Amable and Trout Creek, in the heart of Northern Ontario.

We started our maple farming journey in 2014 in l’Amable, 30 km south of Algonquin Park, expanding from 1,250 to 4,000 taps in 2015.  With the acquisition of Golden Treasure in 2018 (16,000 taps) in Trout Creek, 30 km west of Algonquin Park, we are figuratively embracing the Algonquin area, covering 160 hectares of maple forest.

We produce every grade: Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark. We offer bulk, wholesale and retail sales. Visit our website for more information.


Phone: 647-465-6764

Contact Person: Harry Kessels and Melanie Murphy

Address: 250 Lingenfelters Rd

City: Trout Creek

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: P0H 2L0


Dominion & Grimm Containers

Over 100 years of producing and selling maple equipment and packaging. Evaporators, R/Os, tubing, glass bottles and jars, labels and stickers. Give us a call today for pricing! 1-855-369-5900 (Equipment) or 1-877-676-1914 (Packaging)


Phone: 519-676-1914

Fax: 519-676-0968

Contact Person: Heather Clark

Address: 18766 Communication Rd

City: Blenheim

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: N0P 1A0

Dealer for : Dominion & Grimm

E-mail :

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 9.12.19 PM.png

CDL Maple Sugaring Equipment

Over the years, through a series of expansions and acquisitions, CDL is now the reference when it comes to maple sugaring equipment. In 1994, CDL acquired Les Evaporateurs Dallaire inc., a well known evaporator manufacturer. In 1999, we opened a distribution centre in Cabano (Quebec) to cover the lower St-Lawrence region. Finally, in 2005, CDL acquired Waterloo Small USA, now doing business as Maple Pro, in St. Albans, Vermont. Maple Pro is the distribution and service centre for the United States market. Today, CDL is an integrated company specializing in the development, manufacturing and distribution of maple sugaring equipment.



Phone: 1-800-361-5158

Fax: 418-883-4159

Address: 257, route 279

City: Saint-Lazare

Province: Quebec

Postal Code: G0R 3J0

Dealer for : CDL

Sales Contacts

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 10.42.08

H2O Innovation

H2O Innovation offers a complete line of equipment dedicated to maple syrup production, including intelligent products that maximize production like the H2O-SmartrekTM monitoring system. About two years ago,  H2O unveiled the Super-ConcentratorTM, an innovative product that concentrates maple sap up to 40° Brix, something previously unheard of in the industry . Whatever size of your sugar bush, we have the modern equipment you need to ensure you produce to your full capacity. Please visit our website to request a quote online, check our video section and more!


Ontario Distributor:

Pefferlaw Creek Farms



Phone: 819-344-2288

Fax: 819-334-2706

Contact Person: Matthiew Foriter

Address: 201 1st Avenue

City: Ham-Nord

Province: Quebec

Postal Code: G0P 1A0

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 10.51.14


Lapierre Equipment has been manufacturing high-performance and high-quality maple syrup equipment for over 40 years.
Our competent distributors across Canada and USA will be happy to assist you with any projects you may have.

Phone: 613-795-2135

Address: 99 rue de l'Escale
City: St-Ludger
Province: QC
Postal Code: G0M 1W0

lapierre logo 2020.jpg

LS Bilodeau


Address: 281 route 108 Est,

City: Saint-Éphrem-de-Beauce

Province: QC

Postal Code: G0M 1R0

Pure Water Supplies

We do RO's for sap too!


Phone: 905-788-2522


Contact Person: Esther & Paul Mallet

Address: 28 Vaughan Red

City: Welland

Province: ON

Postal Code: L3B 5Y1

Maple Farm Realtors
Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 4.40.58 PM.png

Jack Biernaski


Contact: Jack Biernaski CPM®, MHM,  Sales Representative

Cell/Text: 1- 613-633-6731


Corporate Office: 8 Flint Avenue, Bancroft ON K0L 1C0

Home Office: Barry's Bay Ontario

Francois Brunet


Representing: L.S. Bilodeau

22400 County Rd 10

Glen Robertson, ON

K0B 1H0


Camp Can Aqua

Equipment Sales: We are a dealer for Dominion and Grimm and carry all their items…evaporators/pans, buckets. pipeline, containers, measuring/filtering/finishing etc. Whether you are a first timer or seasoned large operator, we have the experience and expertise to get you going or keep you going successfully. Please contact us anytime. We are located in the Bancroft area.


Phone: 613-339-2969

Fax: 613-339-3207

Contact Person: Scott Graham

Address: 503 Beaver Lake Dr, Box 70

City: Cardiff

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: K0L 1M0

Dealer for : Dominion & Grimm

Cedarvalley Farm Supplies

Cedarvalley Farm Supplies offers repair and manufacturing services for all types of farming and other equipment to keep your machines operating efficiently.  They also sell a wide range of farm supplies such as equipment parts, livestock watering supplies, hardware and fencing, pressure washers, safety equipment, boots, gloves, masks, eye and ear protection, coveralls and so much more.



Phone: 519-699-6214

Contact Person: Oscar Weber

City: St. Jacobs

Province: ON

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 11.48.27

Garland Sugar Shack

Dealer for Lapierre/Waterloo/Small Maple Sugaring Equipment. Full line of maple equipment and supplies.


Phone: 613-835-3362

Fax: 613-835-9239

Contact Person: Ivan & Jocelyne Garland

Address: 5930 Garlandside Rd.

City: Cumberland

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: K4B 1S9

Dealer for : LapierreSmallWaterloo

Hubbert’s Maple Products

  • Representing CDL Maple Equipment

  • Bill Hubbert   

  • 199 Maple Valley Road

    Sundridge Ontario


    Home  (705) 384 7847

    Cell      (705) 788 4582

Kidd’s Home Hardware

Website link

Phone: 705-384-5365

Contact Person: Graham, Michael

Address: 23 John St.

City: Sundridge

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: P0A 1Z0

Klein's Maple Syrup

Klein’s Maple Syrup Supplies: We are dealers for Dominion & Grimm and carry a full line of equipment and containers. We have been making maple syrup for 33 years and have it for sale at the farm gate, as well as maple butter and maple sugar.

Phone: 519-367-2334

Contact Person: Darryl or Mary Lou Klein

Address: 124 Con 6 East

City: Mildmay,

Province: ON

Postal Code: N0G 2J0

Laurin Maple Syrup Supplies

Laurin Maple Syrup Supplies is located in Perkinsfield, ON. We are a dealer for Dominion & Grimm maple supplies and equipment.


Phone: 705-427-6766

Contact Person: Peter

Address: 11 Dananne Dr

City: Tiny

Province: ON

Postal Code: L0L 2J0

Malars’ Maple Sweets

Malars’ Maple Sweets located on St. Joseph Island is now a dealer for NuCAN 500ml barrels for the Algoma region.


Phone: 289-237-5743

Contact Person: Angi or Dave

Address: 1892 U Line, RR1

City: Hilton Beach

Province: ON

Postal Code: P0R 1G0

Mississippi Maple

Steve Skinner


462 Shiner Rd, Box 1515, Mississippi Station, ON, K0H 2C0, 613-299-7874,


Dealer for: CDL

Maple Ridge Farm


Phone: 705-726-8973

Contact Person: Brian Bainborough

Address: 11 Mountbatten Rd

City: Barrie

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: L4M 1T4

Pefferlaw Creek Farms

Pefferlaw Creek Farms is a maple syrup producer and equipment supplier in Ontario. We have installed over 17,000 taps in Ontario and are willing to consult for any challenge. With an engineering background we provide design and installation services including a full range of maple equipment specification and supply from both H2O Innovation and DSD Stars. We have in house operation and installation experience but also have significant research into other facilities locally and out of province. Our services range from sugar bush assessment, mainline layout and design to special site considerations.

H20 contact John Tomory  289-221-5265

DSD contact Ben Tomory 905-904-2547



Phone: 289-221-5265

Contact Person: Ben or John Tomory

Address: 12300 Concession 6

City: Uxbridge

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: L9P 1R2

Reist Farm Supplies

Phone: 519-669-1422

Fax: 519-669-9262

Contact Person: Edgar Reist

Address: 6681 Line 86

City: Elmira

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: N3B 2Z2

Springdale Farm Maple Equipment & Supplies


Agent and Distribution Centre for Lapierre Equipment (Lapierre/Waterloo/Small). Family operation for over 30 years, selling maple equipment, tubing and supplies as well as glass, plastic and metal containers. Come and see us at our showroom and warehouse at 1790 Galbraith Road.



Phone: 613-256-4045

Fax: 613-256-7054

Contact Person: Stephen Dodds

Address: 1790 Galbraith Road

City: Clayton

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: K0A1P0

Dealer for : Lapierre, Small, Waterloo

Spring Valley Maple

Maple equipment sales and service for CDL. Everything you need from the tree to the table.

Phone: 519-345-0259

Fax: 519-345-0350

Contact Person: George Roney

Address: 3301 Perth Road 180, RR 2

City: Staffa

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: N0K 1Y0

Dealer for : CDL


Squirrel Creek Farm Services

OMSPA Jug dealer.

Always available with expert service, products and advice for all of your maple syrup production needs.



Phone: 705-932-2868

Contact Person: Steven Brackenridge

Address: 275 Brackenridge Dr. RR#2

City: Millbrook

Province: ON

Postal Code: L0A 1G0


Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies & Sugarbush

Sweetwater Maple Syrup Supplies & Sugarbush is located in Bracebridge, the heart of Muskoka.  We are an award winning producer.  We serve the Simcoe, Muskoka and Parry Sound areas.  Call us today for all your equipment and supply needs.


Phone: 705-646-1081 

Contact Person: Josh Campbell

Address: 1447 Petersen Rd

City: Bracebridge

Province: ON

Postal Code: P1L 1X1

Twisted Tree Maple Products

Located in Northern Ontario, our farm is located on St. Joseph Island. Just starting out as a hobby farm, I have also become a distributor for H2O Innovation Equipment. I can provide a full line of production equipment as well as maple syrup products. Looking forward to hearing from you!



Phone: 705-759-1134

Contact Person: Mark Milito

Address: 856 Fourth Line East

City: Sault Ste. Marie

Province: ON

Postal Code: P6A 6J8

Vader’s Maple Syrup

Producing quality maple syrup in Prince Edward County since 1910. Authorized syrup equipment and supplies dealer for Dominion & Grimm and Leader Evaporator.



Phone: 613-476-7537

Fax: 613-476-8779

Contact Person: Todd Vader

Address: 1260 County Road 18

City: Cherry Valley

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: K0K 1P0

Dealer for : Dominion & GrimmLeader

Weber’s Sugarbush Supplies

Maple and Honey Packaging

Phone: 519-699-4769

Contact Person: Harvey M. Weber

Address: 2844 Lobsinger Line, R.R. #1

City: St. Clements

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: N0B 2M0

Zoeller Maple Products

We are a proud Leader Evaporator Dealer as well as a bottle distributor for Dominion and Grimm. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone for any questions you may have.


Phone: 613-347-1932


Contact Person: Phillip Zoeller

Address: 4470 3rd Line Rd

City: North Lancaster

Province: ON

Postal Code: K0C 1Z0

Other Businesses

PRX Print

Bringing your print to life!

High-quality packaging, printed labels, signs and more.

We have printed maple labels for a number of customers.

The packaging you choose for your products will not just contain and protect your product, but will inform, promote and sell your product!

Packaging and labelling is a science, an art, a technology – and effective, attractive and innovative packaging helps consumers identify your brand, evaluate your product quickly, and influence that crucial decision to buy your product.



Phone:(905) 670-2014


6110 Ordan Drive Unit 1
Mississauga, Ontario
L5T 2B4

Whiskey Barrels Direct

Newly emptied whiskey barrels available for pick up and delivery in southwestern Ontario and the Toronto area.

Our whiskey barrels are shipped direct from the distillery on a regular basis so we have a supply of freshly emptied barrels available for delivery across most of Ontario year-round



Phone:(888) 318-6488


2688 River Drive
Wardsville, Ontario


Jack Biernaski, Realtor


Ontario is my trading area, I am licensed to help Buyers and Sellers buy and sell land, business, any and all type of real estate. In 2016 I was introduced to the Ontario Maple Sugar industry by Morgan and Steve and I was so intrigued by the concept and business that I became part of the maple syrup industry in Ontario.

I specialize in maple syrup opportunities, all across Ontario and the Canadian Shield. These properties range from tracts of land suitable for development into maple sugar operations and existing turnkey maple syrup operation with or without a house to hobby maple syrup farms of any size. I welcome the opportunity to help you with the sale or purchase of your home, cottage or recreational property, hobby farm, building lot or business with vacant land. I am able to represent both Sellers and Buyers.

If you wish more information about of the properties that are listed by another Realtor or listed by me, please let me know and I will be happy to assist. The REVA Realty Inc. Brokerage is located in downtown Bancroft, Ontario. website:

My home is located in metropolis of Vennachar, Ontario, the capital of Addington Highlands, located in the heart of the Canadian Shield.

71 Matawatchan Road

Vennachar/Cloyne, Ontario K0H 1LO
Cell/Text: 1-613-633-6731 

Landline: 1-613-333-1158

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Other Businesses
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