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Membership Benefits

Why belong?

Strength in numbers.

Add your voice to 600 dedicated Ontario maple syrup producers in lobbying government and agencies on issues that matter to Ontario maple syrup producers. Whether you have 10 taps, or 10,000 taps, the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association (OMSPA) is an organization that can help you with your sugar making operation.


OMSPA works closely with our members to:

  • Encourage sustainable sugar bush management practices,

  • Promote improved maple syrup production methods,

  • Promote and Market of maple syrup and related products in Ontario,

  • Provide a unified voice on issues that matter to government, media and other agencies that affect the maple industry, and

  • Understand the changes in the overall maple industry and respond and react accordingly


Our members receive: 

  • Opportunity to promote your business through online exposure on the OMSPA website.

  • Stay on top of industry news with four issues a year of the Ontario Maple MAINLINE (an informative newsletter that shares technical information on production, marketing and sugar bush management).

  • Electronic newsletters with updates on current maple related issues, events and activities.

  • Online access to up-to-date maple news and events.

  • Information on local events and workshops that provide an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas.

  • Access to unlimited experience and advice from other maple syrup producers.

  • Invitation to the annual Summer Tour – see first-hand how other producers carry out their maple operations.

  • Admittance to Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Meet dealers, hear guest speakers and experience the OMSPA community!

  • Opportunity to participate in our annual Maple Weekend open house event.

  • Members only opportunity to utilize the “Sweet Ontario” branding to promote and market your maple products.

  • Membership certificate for display in your place of business.

  • Regular samples of newly released promotional materials.


Best Practices Manual For members only

All producer members with greater than 100 taps will receive a copy of the OMSPA “Best Practices Manual” documenting the most recent information on every step of the sugar making process. This resource is a first point of reference in answering any question related to maple syrup production and has been duplicated by many other producer associations throughout the maple producing regions. The Manual includes a self-assessment feature that allows you to evaluate your facilities and production practices. The information in the Manual is updated and revisions provided to members each year as new research is released and new practices recommended by OMSPA are incorporated into the manual. This is the complete information resource available in print form for maple producers and your membership to OMSPA includes a copy.

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