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Maple Business and Forestry Webinars from UVM starting Aug. 5th

UVM Extension begins a regular Maple Business and Forestry Webinar Series [PDF Flyer] on August 5th.  See the schedule and registration information here.

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University of Vermont maple specialists will host a series of online webinars focused on business decision making and forestry practices. Learn about the best practices to integrate business management and sugarbush management for a thriving maple enterprise that targets profits and forest health. Topics will include: sugarbush leases and rental rates, tapping practices to optimize yield, tubing systems, tapping red maples, business entity set-up, sap-only enterprises and more. Presenters will include: Abby van den Berg (Research Associate Professor), Mark Isselhardt (Maple Specialist), Mark Cannella (Extension Associate Professor), Chris Lindgren (Forest Business Coordinator), attorneys, foresters and industry specialists.

Mark Cannella

Extension Associate Professor

University of Vermont


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