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OMSPA T-shirts and Polo shirt available for order!

Please place your order by September 27th. Order by email or phone to the OMSPA office stating quantity, size, sex, and shipping address. Shipping cost will be assessed at the time of ordering. Prepayment is required. Delivery by the end of October. Products may be slightly different than they appear.

The polo shirt looks much better than my photos!

A short sleeved 100% cotton t-shirt, red with a black Sweet Ontario logo on the front and a black OMSPA logo up high on the back. Logos will be screened on. $20 each for S to XL. $22 for 2XL and up. Men’s and Women’s available.

· A short sleeved polo shirt, burgundy with a white embroidered Sweet Ontario on the left chest and a white embroidered OMSPA logo on the back up high. $46 each for S to XL and $48 for 2XL and up. Men’s and Women’s are available along with long sleeve for a $2 up charge.

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