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Who We Are

The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association or

OMSPA is the official voice of sugar makers in Ontario.


We currently represent over 600 “sugar makers” who are committed to producing a high quality product for consumers to enjoy.

OMSPA formed in 1966 to represent maple syrup producers across the province.


We are committed to promoting the production of high quality maple products using the best available management practices. We represent a long history of sugar making in the province and are proud to carry on with the traditions associated with one of nature’s greatest natural sweeteners – maple syrup!


Why Become a Member?

To tap into the knowledge!

OMSPA works closely with our members to:

  • Encourage sustainable sugar bush management practices,

  • Promote improved maple syrup production methods,

  • Promote and Market of maple syrup and related products in Ontario,

  • Provide a unified voice on issues that matter to the maple industry


Our members receive…

  • An opportunity to promote your business through online exposure.

  • Our Maple Mainline Newsletter and updates on current maple related issues, events and activities.

  • Online access to up-to-date maple news, classifieds and events.

  • Information on local events and workshops.

  • Access to unlimited experience and advice from other maple syrup producers.

  • Invitation to the annual Summer Tour.

  • Admittance to Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • Opportunity to participate in our annual Maple Weekend open house event.

  • Members-only discounts at TSC stores across Ontario.

  • Members-only opportunity to utilize the “Sweet Ontario” branding to promote and market your maple products.

  • Membership certificate for display in your place of business.

  • Regular samples of newly released promotional materials.

  • Best Practices Manual.

  • Planning for Success: a guide to help you plan entering or expanding your maple syrup activities.

  • And so much more!


Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association
2193 Wood Road
Wyebridge, Ontario   L0K 2E0

Phone: 613-258-2294
Fax: 613-258-0207

Thanks for getting in touch!

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