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EOMSPA: Thank you note from Information Day organizer Jules Rochon

Hello all,

Reference to our Eomspa Zoom meeting from yesterday.

I would like to thank you all for accepting an invitation to this event. So far no complaints, so this may mean it was a success! Or too much of being nice culture. LOL. Yes definitely no good food from Angela, her mom, her dad and beloved husband Scott. And yes no silent auction to rev up the auction rivalry (Bian Bainborough saved lots of personal money here). This also meant no constructive in person networking and one of the most important part…touching, feeling and discussing prices of latest industry equipment displayed by our hard working vendors, resellers.

So this may be part of the upcoming yearly trend…lets hope it will stop soon but in the meantime this meeting may be a good example on how we will conduct our business.

Then again, thank you all for coming in, and special thanks to the following folks:

Brian Bainborough : Splendid outgoing president speech.

Frank Hirkins (heh heh, I meant Heerkens) : Great welcoming speech and thanks for the assistance during the meeting.

Gary Gallinger : Thank you for the financial and agm reporting.

John Williams : Membership reporting, flagship and alpha book reporting…great job.

Maple weekend : Again wonderful job from Anne Zoeller.

Web discussion : Again great ongoing job from Teressa.

Steve O’Farrell and Josee Laverdiere : great CDL presentation on Nano RO. (thanks for Neil presence)

Steve Bedard with Yvan Garland : Superb review of the new Lapierre products.

Claude Castonguay : Thanks for hosting the price draw .

Richard Macmillan and Frank : Thanks for the Q&A part of this meeting.

Thanks to Eastern folks who also helped (in particular Sheri Gallinger for minutes taking) and anybody else that I may have forgotten.

Merci, many thanks,

Jules Rochon


PS. I forgot to put in the prize draw winners…Pam French for the cdl gift certificate, and for Lapierre 2 gift certificates would be Terry Hoover and Oswall Linton

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